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What is fair world?

The global mapping system of the real world
FairWorld——A global mapping system for the real objective world   A decentralized cosmic loop network of superstrings A global mapping system for the real objective world  and a decentralized cosmic loop network of superstrings that integrates the knowledge principles of multiple disciplines such as economics, Internet, block chain, philosophy, cosmology, physics, life science, sociology, initiated by "Mr. String", taking "cosmological cycle" as its philosophical basis, "superstring theory" as its operational mechanism basis, and the block chain as its underlying technology basis.

Black hole F30

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FairWorld's converged energy drive engine

Black holes - celestial object whose curvature in space-time is so great that light cannot escape them A black hole is a kind of celestial body that exists in cosmic space in the modern theory of general relativity. The gravity of the black hole is so strong that the escape velocity within the

White hole F20

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FairWorld's space depot for purifying and releasing energy

White Hole-Eject all the matters at super-high densitiesIn general relativity, it is a special celestial body with the opposite properties of a black hole.The white hole also has a closed boundary, when the matters at super-high densities inside the white hole ejects outward...

Lucky wormhole

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Lucky Wormhole

Lucky Wormhole
Explore FairWorld's surprises and be a messenger of happiness

Messenger Alliance

At FairWorld, each messenger can form his own messenger alliance, and invite new messengers to join the messenger alliance to receive invitation rewards and messenger leader awards, and enjoy their own multi-dimensional messenger black hole F30 investment quota rewards.

Ark Program

The story of Noah's ark is told in Genesis 6 through 9: The Lord God, the Creator of all things, saw that the earth was full of corruption, violence, and lawlessness. So the Lord planned to destroy the wicked with the flood, but he also found that there was a good man among the human race, named Noah. So the Lord God instructed Noah to build an ark so that he and his family could come to the other side and live in a better new land.In the same way, The Ark project is a criticalpoint of self-evolution derived from FairWorld's decentralized circular network using the basic algorithm of superstring theory - Euler Beta function.

String hole

The ultimate energy of FairWorld evolution

The inner core of a black hole is stationary, with only one kind of matter, namely strings, and we call this region a "string hole." In the circulatory system of the universe, string holes act as the ultimate force in the transition of cosmic evolution.

Latest announcement

Announcement about the upcoming FAIR WORLD Global Edition.     FAIR WORLD decentralized superstring cosmic circulation network with its advanced financial concept spontaneously gathered communities from all over the world, the global messengers put forward different willingness and selfless dedication demand, hope that the string splitting financial model can be more integrated with the use and experience of the global messengers, after the decentralized technical team evaluation, the contract code will be able to proceed smoothly, FAIR WORLD global Community technical members are working around the clock to update the contract code, which is expected to launch FAIR WORLD Global Edition globally on October 28, 2020, and this contract and UI update will bring 5 special announcements.     1, FAIR WORLD Global Edition will add a transfer and out of the contract code, FAIR WORLD Global Alliance Messenger account to achieve zero commission transfer, to facilitate the better development and experience of the Global Alliance Messenger. A 10% commission will be consumed when you choose to exit, and the commission will be used to support the operation of FAIR WORLD's global decentralized technical community.     2、At present, the global market of FAIR WORLD decentralized superstring cosmic cycle network is rising, in which the Indonesian and Indian markets are developing particularly rapidly, in order to cope with the development of the Indonesian market, FAIR WORLD global technical community has adjusted the parameters of the contract code according to the feedback from the community, and the effective user participation limit of the alliance will be adjusted from 500 USDT to 100 USDT to help everyone to experience the string splitting financial model.     3, FAIR WORLD Global Edition, the first three dimensions of the community rewards will be triggered in advance, the task of initiating the release of rewards, so that the global alliance messengers more efficient access to intuitive experience.     4, FAIR WORLD Gene Seeds Genesis exchange of all USDT are into the total contract pool, for the string split pool reserves, to protect the FAIR WORLD string split financial model health and solid.     5, FAIR WORLD global version will open global community services, FAIR WORLD global community representatives through the customer service system, apply to become a member of the FAIR WORLD global community customer service team, submitted in accordance with the application criteria, through the preliminary examination we will contact you, FAIR WORLD global community customer service team will be fully cooperate, help! Global Community Development.     FAIR WORLD Decentralized Superstring Cosmic Cycle Network
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